The Basic of BaZi and Self Element
FatAnimal adopted the BaZi system which also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny.The history of BaZi system has been using for a long time based on the traditional Chinese calendar. In short, BaZi system is mainly focused on your birthdate and time!
Our FatAnimals have their own element.For example, Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon and Water Dragon.
However, every animal has their true Self element depends on the birthdate. If they are born on a decent season, they'll have a stronger Self element.
Moreover, the element cycle in BaZi is also an important factor. There are 2 cycles generating and controlling cycle between five elements.
Generating Cycle: Wood generates Fire, Fire generates Earth, Earth generates Metal, Metal generates Water and Water generates Wood.
Controlling Cycle: Wood controls Earth, Fire controls Metal, Earth controls Water, Metal controls Wood and Water controls Fire.
When you use the right combination while Farming you can get more FAT token!
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