FatAnimal Roadmap

Hello FATters,
We’re happy to announce the FatAnimal Roadmap.
FatAnimal.finance is the BaZi based NFTs and Collectibles. We bring 10k years of ancient science to this platform. The ultimate goal of the platform is to maximize the BaZi system (Four Pillars of Destiny) with NFTs for real use cases with FAT token.

What FatAnimal will do with the BaZi Analysis and our roadmap.

As we adopted the BaZi system and the Chinese belief to our platform. There are many ways that FatAnimal will combine BaZi with the latest art technology “NFT” (Non-Fungible Token). Below are some of the goal that we aim for upcoming year.
Q3 2021
  • Lucky Sticks ✅
  • New Liquidity Pool ✅
  • Audit Smart Contract ✅
  • Redesign UI & UX ✅
  • FatAnimal Gachapon ✅
Q4 2021
  • Auto-Compound FAT token ✅
  • List on CoinGecko 🔥
  • List on CoinMarketCap 🔥
  • FatAnimal Marketplace (Beta) ✅
  • FatAnimal NFTs Farming (Beta) ✅
  • FatAnimal NFTs Farming
  • FatAnimal NFT Upgrading
  • FatAnimal Basic BaZi Analysis (Beta)
*The Roadmap may be subject to change due to other circumstances that may affect our plan. Please note that this is a checklist for the team. We could prior or later release features to the public.
Let’s get FAT together