Lucky Sticks

Lucky Sticks is a part of fortune telling in Chinese belief. We can easily find it in every temple around the world.
To give a big picture, there is one famous tourist attraction in Hong Kong, “Wong Tai Sin temple”. This temple is well known for answering prayers and wishes with the practice of Lucky Sticks which make it crowded all the time. Some places may call Lucky Sticks “Chi Chi” (because we can hear “Chi-Chi” sounds from it).
FatAnimal has adopted the traditional fortune telling into a freshly cute look.
To start wishing with Lucky Sticks, each stick has a number contained in the bucket.
Simply grab it up and pay by FAT token (some FAT will be burned from the circulation), shake it until the stick falls out from the bucket.
You will get your lucky number. Then, the number will give you contemporary life guidance from well-known people. However, FatAnimal developed the Lucky Sticks further than that. We not only give advice but also the fortune for every lucky stick.
If you are lucky enough, you could win the reward!