Lucky Sticks in FatAnimal work a bit different from real life lucky sticks.
When you purchase FatAnimal’s Lucky Sticks you will get contemporary life guidance from well-known people and you can draw one 4 Digits numbers. The lucky stick will give you one entry into the prize pot. When the winning lucky numbers are drawn, if your numbers match the winning lucky numbers, you will win the prize pot!
  • Each lucky stick required 120 FAT tokens
  • Once you buy a lucky stick, FAT tokens will be sent to the prize pot. The more Lucky Stick sold, the bigger prize pot will become.
  • No limit lucky stick for 1 user but the maximum at one time is 36 sticks.
  • Buy one lucky stick will give users a random 4 digits combination with each digit being between 0-9, for e.g. “1-9-3-8”
  • The winning lucky number is referenced from the first 4 digits in decimal of BNB/BUSD (Binance Coin / Binance USD Coin) price at the specific time by connecting with the Band Protocol API.
The purchase of Lucky Sticks are changeless. When you purchase lucky sticks, it can't issue a refund. Obviously, no one can guarantee that you will get lucky today. Participating does not mean you always have luck. Keep cool till your time has come. 😉