FatAnimal NFTs Farming

The first place where you can earn from BaZi.
On FatAnimal.finance, our NFTs Farming is unique and far beyond other platforms. Everything we represent to you is related to Chinese astrology. However, it's not only about the birthdate, zodiac, horoscope, or astrology. FatAnimal allows you to use that kind of thing in real life.
After you collect FatAnimal NFTs, you can use them for farming. Each animal has their own Eating Power (EP), Self Element, and Family. The higher Eating Power means the more FAT token you will earn.
You can earn from your own BaZi because FatAnimal will work for you.

Bonus in NFTs Farming

FatAnimal NFTs Farming has 2 types of bonus "Three Musketeers Bonus (SAHA Bonus)" and "Element Bonus"

Three Musketeers BONUS

You can get a Three Musketeers Bonus by creating the right combination in a card deck.
Card deck has 4 slots: Slot A, Slot B, Slot C, and Slot D
  1. 1.
    Slot A-C are for Animal cards (minimum 1 and maximum at 5 cards per slot)
  2. 2.
    Slot D is for Item card. It can be expired so you have to withdraw it manually. (only 1 Item card per time)
Once your Slot A-C is fully added, at a maximum of 15 cards, and each slot has the same animal, the Three Musketeers bonus will be activated.
Also, if you put the same element or 5 elements in the same slot you will get the "Element Bonus" which gives an extra Eating Power too.
Check the below table for the Three Musketeers Bonus (SAHA Bonus) and Element Bonus to your Eating Power.
The faster they can eat, the faster they will become FAT!
As you can see from the table, using Three Wood Musketeers Bonus in the Spring Pool boost 100% of Eating Power in Slot A, B, and C because Wood is the element of Spring season. In the other hand, if you use Three Wood Musketeers Bonus in Autumn Pool, you only get 5 % boost because Wood is overcome the Metal element as Metal is the Element of Autumn Season.
Spring is Wood, Summer is Fire, Metal is Autumn, and Water is Winter. (Earth is natural)
So, the BaZi system is really important for FatAnimal NFTs Farming. If you deeply understand more about it, you'll get more FAT.
Take a big chance by preparing your card deck by trading on FAT market and do more research about BaZi.
More updates soon. 😎